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A "Kids CAN" Online Summer Camp:

This course is designed with 3-4 weeks of content. That being said, it's very customizable to account for summer schedules. The course can be self-paced and students will have 1-year access. Learning is asynchronous, but there are weekly synchronous office hours on Zoom. Optional synchronous learning and mentorship is also available via Zoom, with small group lessons (5-15/group) allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis. These will become available upon registration. 

Camp Description:

Dive into the exciting world of game development with our Roblox camp! Geared towards kids aged 8-13, this course empowers participants to design and create their own Roblox games using Roblox Studio and Lua scripting language. From designing obstacles to coding gameplay mechanics, participants will bring their game ideas to life and share them with friends.

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