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Welcome to the "Kids CAN" Online Camps, where creativity knows no bounds! Explore our exciting camps, each designed to unleash your and your child's imagination and develop essential skills in various domains.

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 Kids Can Write

What is Kids Can Write?

Kids Can Write is a trailblazing nonprofit dedicated to nurturing the creative spark in children and individuals of all ages. With a rich history of empowering aspiring authors, we've proudly helped over 100 participants become published authors through our programs, each a testament to the power of imagination and storytelling. Our programs transcend age boundaries, catering not only to young minds but also to older individuals through our Older KCW program for seniors, proving that storytelling knows no age limit. Visit our website to learn about our various initiatives!

Enroll in one of our courses to become a published author and unlock your creative potential.

Join us on a journey where creativity flourishes, stories come to life, and dreams find their voice.

Advice From Past Students In Our Book Publishing Programs!

"KCW is truly an amazing program for kids. My daughter loves to read, and loves to write and draw on scratch papers. Through the KCW program, she was able to publish her first book with the guidance and help from the tutors. This can be a great booster of her confidence in writing and self expression."

- Xiaoting, Parent of Jackie, Previous Participant

Click here or on the image to the right to view Jackie's published book!

"My daughter, Amelia, had an incredible experience with Kids Can Write. She has always loved to tell stories and has created a few books at home on her own. The empowerment that Kids Can Write provided by taking her through the brainstorming, creating, editing and publishing process was really next level. What an amazing opportunity for a 3rd grader! She has loved signing copies of her books and sharing about her time with her amazing tutor. We hope to do it again, and definitely want our youngers daughters to participate as well!"

- Kelly, Parent of Amelia, Previous Participant

Click here or on the image to the left to view Amelia's published book!