"Mothers CAN"

Write & Publish a Book Camp

Access is year-round!

The first week of the 3-week program will unlock on July 1st, and the subsequent modules will unlock weekly on Mondays.

Become a Published Author!

A "Kids CAN" Online Summer Camp, because we are all kids at heart!:

This course is designed with 3-4 weeks of content. That being said, it's very customizable to account for mothers' busy schedules. The course can be self-paced and mothers will have 1-year access. Learning is asynchronous, but there are weekly synchronous office hours on Zoom.

Camp Description:

"Mothers CAN" Write & Publish a Book Camp is a unique program tailored specifically for mothers looking to explore or enhance their writing talents and navigate the world of book self-publishing. This camp aims to empower mothers by providing them with the tools and community support to bring their literary visions to life.

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Prices may be higher outside the US.

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